Kohler Tresham Toilet Review

Many of our readers will be looking for tips related to bathroom renovation. And obviously, choosing a toilet that performs well will be high on your list. As someone who has fitted countless toilets over the years, I feel my experience allows me to make a recommendation to you.

Out of all the products we’ve tested over they years, the Tresham toilet from Kohler is my favorite. The ability to handle heavier loads of waste through the trap without ever clogging is certainly a selling point. Even if you go to a 3rd party and ask them to score it based on its flushing performance, most companies will agree with me when I say this is one of the better models on the market.

In fact, Maximum performance is a great example of this. If you go to the MaP testing website, they have a list of toilets that come with a powerful flush. You’ll find plenty of products that fall into their mid tier performance category, but very few achieve the maximum. The Kohler Tresham does just that with a 1000 grams score.

So aside from the ability to move large quantities of waste through its waste outlet, what else does it offer? Well, sticking to the flush theme, we like to look at how many gallons of water per flush it uses. This will tell us two things. 1. Is it environmentally friendly, and 2. Is it a economically viable alternative to your current toilet?

The k-3950 utilizes the most common of flushing systems. This is known as single flush, and it’s a mechanism that’s reliable and durable. What’s more, this particular system cleans the bowl thoroughly with 1.28 gallons. This is very efficient and will meet the majority of environmentally friendly standards out there. One such standard is known as Watersense. This is the Environmental protection Agencies program which encourages consumers to get themselves a low flow toilet.

It also has a bowl that is taller than your average seating height. Why? Well, manufacturers tend to agree that it provides better support and access for people in need of it. This can encompass a whole range of different people from the elderly through to the infirm. The whole concept behind it is to make sitting and standing less difficult.

For those wanting a strong flush, and perhaps more importantly comfort, the Kohler Tresham could be an ideal addition to your bathroom. Stay tuned for more toilet reviews in the future. We will be looking at their biggest competitors like Toto, Mansfield, and American Standard, and comparing their functions.