Guide to Kohler Toilets

Having worked as a builder and handyman most of my career, I’ve found myself renovating numerous bathrooms over the years. Whilst most installations have been straight forward, others can prove quite difficult depending on where the sewer lines and piping are. If you’ve got quite a big bathroom, it makes things easier.

In todays guide, I want to focus on toilets. It’s an important piece of hardware that people spend a lot of their time sitting on. It makes sense that you get something you’re comfortable with. After installing a number of different brands, including Toto, Mansfield, and American Standard, I came to the conclusion that Kohler has the best designs. They typically have great flushing performance too. You can learn more about Kohler toilets here:

To help readers out, I’m going to list some of my favorite product ranges from this manufacturer below, and help you understand what makes them superior to the alternatives on the market.

Kohler Veil

The Veil range is unique for several reasons. The first thing that immediately strikes most people is that the tank isn’t visible. It’s all self contained into one compact bowl area. So if you want to save space, or you’re simply going for a minimalistic theme, we recommend it.

As always, the functionality inside has to match the beauty outside, or you’ll be wasting your time. This includes understanding how effective the flush is, and how much water it uses. To understand flushing performance, we recommend checking out a scoring system provided by Maximum Performance (MaP). They test the effectiveness of a toilets flush by seeing how much specially designed paste and pellets get rinsed down. If you stick in the 700-1000 grams range, you’ll find models that rarely get blocked up. The lower down the scale you go, the worse the performance, so even though products get cheaper on the way down, it’s in your interest to ensure you spend more for better flushing power.

In addition to the MaP rating, you’ll also want to check how much water it consumes. To find this, look for the GPF number (gallons per flush) in the spec list or description. Toilets on sale these days start at 1.6 GPF. These are seen as the standard, but some people prefer buying low flow toilets, in which case the GPF rate will be closer to 1.28 GPF. This can make a huge difference in the amount of water saved per year.

There is also a bidet spray function that sends a short wand out after you’ve done your business, and sprays water to the front or back, helping you clean up thoroughly. If you’ve never used a bidet, we recommend getting one, they are a big improvement compared to toilet paper. You also get full control over the water temperature, and most modern options come with a dryer.

Kohler Cimarron

Unlike the Veil above, the Cimarron has a more traditional style. It has a tank and is a two piece combo. It may not come with the same bells and whistles as the Intelligent toilet above, but it’s certainly priced competitively while containing all the necessary features for handling waste, and ensuring bathroom users are comfortable.

A good example of the comfort included is highlighted by the elongated, right height bowl. Why is this significant? Well, it adds a few inches in height compared to standard bowls and the elongated shape has a longer depth which better supports users legs while seated.

The single flush system is not particularly innovative, but it does the job assigned to it, and does it well. It is gravity fed and will use just 1.28 gallons of water, ensuring it can be labelled as a watersense product.

You also get more choice in color themes too. It’s available in white, almond, gray, dune, and several other more unique colors for all requirements.

Bottom line

Through experience, I really like the Kohler brand. I had to learn the hard way through installing inferior, defect prone toilets, but in the end, I always come back to them. Tremendous flushing performance, beautiful designs, durability, and user comfort are usually guarenteed. And I can’t ask for much more than that.